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Li Guowu. [Huashang Daily]

The family of a security guard who died while trying to save a woman from committing suicide has been awarded for the man’s heroic deed, reported Xi’an-based Huashang Daily.

The family of Li Guowu has been honored with a grant of more than 700,000 yuan ($106,000), and Li’s 6-year-old daughter will be provided a monthly allowance of 1,140 yuan until she comes of age.

Li, 43, was a security guard at a shopping mall in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. On the morning of Dec 10, Li  tried to catch a woman who had jumped off a high-rise building at Fengchengwulu Road. He was crushed to death and the woman also died.

After Li’s death, the city’s human resources and social security bureau termed Li’s death as dying in the line of duty and Guan Jiqing, mayor of Xi’an, called on to recognize Li as a “Good Samaritan”.

China’s Good Samaritan Law came into effect on October. Under the legislation, people who voluntarily offer assistance to those in need will not face civil liability in the event of harm to the victims.